Day Support

Arcadia Programs

ACCnet21 Day Services offers opportunities to enhance and learn new skills in a safe and supportive environment that encourages valued involvement in the community.

Community Participation Program (CPP)

The Community Participation Program is a skill based program for school leavers who have moderate to high support needs. This program is designed to provide long term community based support for young people who are not yet able to move readily into employment.

Program Activities

Program activities are designed for school leavers in either small groups or 1:1 support if required. The program assists in bridging identified gaps between school and adult life. CPP can facilitate and assist in the development of:

  • Pre vocation Skills
  • Everyday Living Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Community Access
  • Recreation and Leisure
  • Timeframe

CPP is funded by DADHC as an ongoing recurrent package. Service users are assessed into funding bands according to their needs. There is provision for CP service users to transfer to Transition to Work if requested. CPP funds are individualised and may be transferred to other service providers if required.

Transition to Work (TTW)

The Transition to Work is a two year program that aims to provide support required to develop the school leaver's skills to obtain and sustain meaningful employment. ACCnet21 provides a structured approach to working with service users and their families to support the school leaver's transition to employment.

Program Structure

  • Initial assessment and ongoing, regular reviews.
  • Person Centred Transition


  • Work focused skill development.
  • Work sampling.
  • Specific job or career related training.
  • Support to build a working lifestyle.


TTW has block purchased placements for 2years funding with a possibility of a 6months extension. Transfer to another program / provider must be authorised by DADHC on a case by case basis.

Return to TTW after Exiting

A 3month safety net is available for service users who leave their employment or their work placement has fallen through. Service users may return to the program without the need to reapply within this time. Previous service users may also apply for re-entry to the program within 2years of exiting. It is expected that the 2nd TTW program would be completed within 12months.

Day Services

All activities are age and culturally appropriate for each individual.