Indigenous & CALD Support


Supports are tailored to meet the individual needs of Aboriginal & CALD groups. Existing linkages are maintained and strengthened with cultural communities, whilst accessing mainstream services or specific activities.

Flexible learning environments:

Youth related activities are designed to ensure that information is delivered in collaboration with the Elders and community members, building on partnerships, exploring continued options and planning for the future.

Environment factors:

Meetings and reviews are held in spaces that are culturally appropriate. Programs incorporate environmental factors and social and economic issues that may impact on program outcomes. Mentoring is provided to implement cultural activities appropriate to the aboriginal culture.

Multi- Cultural workforce:

ACCnet21 is committed to diversity in the workplace and actively creates opportunities for staff to use their knowledge, skills and abilities. We are vigilant in monitoring all processes, ensuring adherence to all governance principles. Staff are experienced in working with families from aboriginal and CALD backgrounds.


English as a second language, and the issues and challenges this presents is acknowledged and addressed by accessing generic services for negotiations and meetings necessary between the carer, service provider and stakeholders.


Support to families and participants requiring interpreter services are accessed through the Community Relations Commission for a Multicultural NSW, NSW Health and Centrelink.