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Staff Testimonial

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at ACCnet21 and I believe that collectively we are an excellent team.

I know I will miss my work, colleagues and those who participate in the programs I have managed and coordinated.

The company has been very good to me, as have you Debbie, and that is something I hold in high regard. I would be more than happy to discuss any future short-term contract work to which you may feel my skills are suited whether that be in a therapeutic or networking/marketing setting I will leave to you.

In the meantime, thank you for my last 5 years of employment. You have an excellent company with an excellent team and I will genuinely miss working here. Should my own venture ever grow with any significance I will do well to model and emulate the values and ethics of ACCnet21.

Staff Testimonial

I have enjoyed working with you at ACCnett21 over these past seven or so years.

I'm glad we got to know each other a little better when involved in the WHS committee, I feel you like a good laugh and have a great sense of fun. Thank you for the opportunity you've created for me to work in this industry and from all who benefit from ACCnet21's existence. Who knows, I may be back in a year or so and ready to work again, I hope the door would still be open.

Staff Testimonial

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work here at ACCnet21.

I have learnt so much over the past year and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I will be returning to Australia after 12 months’ time and will apply to return to work for ACCnet21 as it is such a wonderful company. Thank you again for everything ACCnet21 have done for me. It has been an absolute pleasure working here.

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