Meet our Board

Roger Emmerson - Chairperson

Roger Emmerson is Trustee of an investment trust that focuses on equities and digital retailing. Mr. Emmerson is a graduate of the Royal Military College Duntroon, UNSW, and USQ with qualifications in economics, business and marketing. He has wide ranging operational, leadership and business experience across Defence, the public and private sectors in finance, logistics, property, franchising and sales and marketing. Mr. Emmerson brings both executive and director experience to the Board and is a member of Southport Yacht Club and Broadwater-Southport Rotary Club.

Debbie Stewart - Director

As the driving force for the past 20 years, Debbie has been instrumental in making ACCnet21 what it is today. Before establishing ACCnet21 Debbie worked directly with people with disability in QLD as part of the Alternative Living Service. Over the years Debbie has implemented a significant number of innovations that have improved the lives of people with a disability and the way that services are designed and delivered.

John Margerison - Director

John Margerison, an entrepreneur and strategy expert, brings 20 years of experience as a consultant and company director in key sectors: Capital Markets, Finance, Trade, Health, Retail, Infrastructure, Banking, Legal, Funds Management, Property, and Information Technology.
Mr Margerison's insight, clarity and understanding of strategy in business across these industries has led to his demand as an advisor in assisting companies achieve traction and sustainability, merger/acquisition/listing goals and strategic outcomes. These companies range from top tier firms to small start-up companies.
In 2012, Mr Margerison established DJ Health Pty Ltd and has supported the merger of a number of service providers in the disability sector. As a Director, Mr Margerison provides his wealth of capabilities in being able to engage with any product/service, identify client needs, and competently bring parties together to provide productive outcomes.
Living in Australia, Mr Margerison holds a Bachelor of Commerce and further study in Financial Services, Foreign Exchange, and Mortgage Lending. He currently holds several Board positions for companies operating in the areas of Infrastructure Development, Property Development, Algorithmic Trading, Health, and Financial Management.

Andrew Antonopoulos - Director

Andrew Antonopoulos provides experience and a background in practicing taxation law (both domestic and international) as well as corporate and commercial law. Through practicing in both legal and accounting firms, Mr Antonopoulos has a skill set that is both analytical and commercially driven.
Mr Antonopoulos has provided advice to several property groups and understands the range of tax and legal considerations surrounding property and portfolio management. With a sound understanding of general legal principles and a specialisation in taxation and commercial law, Mr Antonopoulos has a keen eye to mitigate risk and pursue appropriate opportunities when presented.
After graduating with a Juris Doctor (JD) and completing his Master of Laws in Corporate and Commercial Law (LLM), Mr Antonopoulos has practiced taxation law for nearly 10 years. Mr Antonopoulos is also Chairman of the Gold Coast Homeless Youth Project

Naomi Spinks - Director

Naomi Spinks has more than 20 years of experience working in corporate environments in a diverse range of sectors, including finance, professional services, and manufacturing. Throughout her career Naomi has performed a number of roles covering management of corporate services, administration, business start-up, and many others. Ms. Spinks brings a pragmatic, common sense perspective to business enterprise, and has an ability to provide insight into complex people and stakeholder issues. In her previous and current roles supporting boards and executives, Ms. Spinks has built an understanding of corporate governance and in combination with her practical experience, will make hers a voice of independent analysis, challenge, and support, at the board table.
With a Bachelor of Business in Marketing and Human Resource Management, and as a Qualified Justice of the Peace, Ms. Spinks brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the ACCnet21 Board.