ACCnet21 is accredited under NDIS for the following programs:

  • Accommodation/Tenancy assistance
  • Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages, transitions and supports
  • Behaviour support
  • Management of funding for supports in a participant's plan
  • Physical wellbeing activities
  • Specialised assessment of skills, abilities and needs
  • Therapeutic supports
  • Training for independence in travel and transport 


The NDIS has been designed to give eligible people with a disability a greater choice and control over the support they receive. Funding is provided based on their personal needs, goals and aspirations.  As a registered provider under the scheme ACCnet21 staff can help make your journey as simple as possible.

The Federal Government agreed that people with a disability deserved a fairer system, and more control over the services they receive. So in July 2013, the NDIS was introduced in four locations, followed by another three in mid-2014. It’s planned that by 2020, the NDIS rollout will be complete across Australia. If the scheme hasn’t been launched in your area yet your current government-funded disability services will continue as usual.

Through the NDIS assessment and planning process, you can determine what reasonable and necessary supports you need to live your life and achieve your personal goals. You’ll then receive funding to pay for these disability services.

With the NDIS, you not only get to choose what type of supports you receive, you also decide when, where and how you receive them – and which disability service providers you’ll work with. You even have control over how your funds are managed.

As an approved NDIS service provider, ACCnet 21 is here to help make these positive changes happen for you.

NDIS Eligibility

There are several factors that decide whether you’re eligible to receive funding under the NDIS, including your location, age, and whether you meet the requirements for disability or early intervention support. 

If you are eligible, you will be sent forms to complete and return to the NDIA, who will then process your registration.

If you are already an ACCnet21 client, a local staff member will contact you before your area transitions to the NDIS to assist you with the process.

Our NDIS team can answer your questions about the NDIS and help you or the person you support get the most out of the scheme. Call us on 1300 454 850 or email ACCnet21.

Benefits of the NDIS

  • A fairer funding system that will replace current state funding systems.
  • Choice and control; you choose how, when, and where you receive support.
  • Long term, sustainable funding which will allow your support to change as your life and needs change.
  • Assistance to make informed choices.
  • Safeguards to support you in exercising your choice and control.
  • Early intervention to minimise the impacts and avoid a crisis point.
  • The opportunity to participate in your community.
  • Information about disability and services available to you including community resources and government programs.

Fund management

You choose one of the following options:

  • Self-management.
  • A plan ‘nominee.’
  • A registered plan management provider.
  • (National Disability Insurance Agency)

What the NDIS covers

The NDIS will fund reasonable and necessary supports that help someone with a disability to:

  • Pursue their goals, objectives and aspirations.
  • Increase their independence.
  • Increase social and economic participation.
  • Develop their capacity to actively take part in the community.

This support may include:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Social participation
  • Independence
  • Living arrangements
  • Health and well-being

We recognise the importance of families and you can invite family members to be a part of your planning process, meet with staff members and review the supports that will be provided.

You can call the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) on
1800 800 110 or go to the NDIS Access Checklist.