Long Term Accommodation

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We have a range of housing options in NSW and QLD for people who require assistance and support to live in their own homes.

As a resident in one of our houses, you will be able put together a support plan that identifies your individual needs and aspirations. You may choose to request assistance with day to day activities such as personal care or domestic duties or help with visiting the local shops or other community services.

Our staff can provide support 24 hours a day, seven days week and are qualified to help clients with high support needs. They have First Aid qualifications and experience in responding to medical emergencies.

Quality Housing Compliance

Our housing offers sustainable, affordable options that are maintained to a high standard to support the needs of our current and any future tenants. Our Housing Portfolio is registered with the National Regulatory Community Housing Sector. The key elements of compliance includes: respect, fair and non-discriminatory treatment and confidentiality of information. Assessments are carried out by the National Regulatory System Community Housing and as a provider we continue to have responsibilities for priorities, policies and funding. Our compliance is monitored by the Registrar to assess any risks or non-compliance of our performance. We look forward to providing you with a great housing experience. 

Key Tenancy Documents

Tenancy Intake and Assessment

The intake and assessment policy is the framework that governs the processes to ensure fair and equitable access to services based on assessed needs. Features of the framework include consistent and transparent processes providing information to support decision making and choice about the services that people want and need, to live their life the way they choose.

Tenancy Management

As a registered community provider we use fair and transparent processes to determine eligibility for community housing. This policy promotes and supports our ethical practice that improves service delivery to tenants, promotes job satisfaction and is based on our ethics standards for decision making.

Responsive Repairs and Maintenance

This policy applies to repairs and maintenance that are not regularly scheduled but are in response to a request by a tenant/employee of ACCnet21, or in an emergency weather event or one-off occurrence.

Living with ACCNET21 Tenant Handbook

Our housing commitment is to offer long term, affordable housing that is maintained to a high standard. The Tenant Handbook is provided to tenants as part of the lease obligations and covers areas such as: signing your tenancy, tenant responsibility, paying rent, repairs and maintenance, when can ACCnet21 visit, general complaint information, external complaint information, and second level appeals process, tenant responsibilities, feedback, and rights.

Tenant House Meetings

Meetings provide a real opportunity to ensure that we implement the National Standards for Disability Services (2013), especially the standards relating to Rights, Participation and Inclusion, and Feedback and Complaints. House Meetings are designed to work as a proactive tool to assist and empower clients in managing their home environment.