Supported Living

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Accommodation services encompass a variety of support models. The focus is on providing a supportive environment in which people can develop independent living skills and, where suitable, move towards less intensive models of support.

If you are living in your own home and need some help to look after yourself, we can provide assistance and support for everyday tasks. We can help you to put together a plan that suits your needs, wants and goals. For example, you may want:

  • help to be more involved in your local community
  • help with personal care
  • assistance for domestic duties
  • help with budgeting
  • mentoring support

ACCnet21 encourages and supports clients to maintain lease agreements on their own accommodation. Clients are able to access subsidies provided by government services.

The needs of the people supported vary considerably. Some people require an outreach service to assist them at critical times of the day with their daily care and to ensure that their financial, vocational and educational needs are met and that opportunities are provided for the development and realisation of their lifelong goals. In other cases people require more intensive levels of support and some of our services provide 24-hour care 7 days per week. These people usually have high medical support needs or exhibit challenging behaviours, which require the constant implementation of behaviour management programs to ensure not only their safety but also the safety of staff and members of the general community.

Service delivery to the target groups will vary depends on individual needs. The proposed model could incorporate 24 hour x 7 day support (with a sleepover) and additional support at key times to assist with personal hygiene, meal times and community access to enable people to participate in activities of specific interest.

The sleepover model provides protection and security for people who may be vulnerable during periods when generic and other services may not be available.

Direct support staff and Team Co-ordinators identify areas of skill development that will assist clients to increase their independence and work closely with our clinical team to develop programs, establish baselines and set up data collections and review mechanisms to facilitate the achievement of these goals.

Enhance the abilities of people with a disability to live as independently as they are capable.

  • ACCnet21 is well aware of the importance of ensuring that the provision of support enhances people’s skills and does not lessen their independence. Specific programs are implemented by staff and they encourage clients to take responsibility (or partial responsibility) for their own health and well- being. Such as awareness of, and assistance with, healthy food choices, and involvement in regular exercise. Individualised programs assist clients to take responsibility for their day to day living in areas such as washing their clothes, preparing meals, cleaning their house, managing their finances and personal hygiene.

Enable individuals to develop and sustain social and community relationships.

  • Effort is made to help clients develop friendships and to develop skills in social interaction and communication. Clients are supported to maintain contact with family and friends through casual get-togethers, shared outings and the hosting of BBQ’s or dinner parties.
  • We also recognize the importance of casual relationships with people within the community and how this contributes to people’s sense of belonging. Thus, for example clients are assisted to develop appropriate relationships with local people with whom they interact during the course of their day-to-day activities, such as with shopkeepers and bank tellers.

Increase the ability of individuals to self-manage their social interactions and community participation.

  • All programs are designed to facilitate a level of independence in a staged manner that enables a gradual building of skills. In addition this is constantly reinforced in day to day living by support staff in line with the philosophy of the agency, which is one of commitment to empowerment and self-management.

Maintain and build upon the existing social and peer networks of individuals.

  • Clients are encouraged and supported to maintain their social networks. In addition we are cognizant of the challenges that some clients face in developing new friendships and networks. In an effort to support clients to widen their social networks staff seek out opportunities that are line with each client’s interests and provide clients with information on clubs, events, courses and other social activities that may be of interest and may lead to development of new relationships.

Day support is offered to all the residents of the group as identified through their Individual Plans