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Long Term Accomodation

Long Term Accomodation

Long Term Accomodation

At ACCnet21 we have a range of residential support and long-term housing options in New South Wales and Queensland for people who require disability accommodation assistance and support.

As a resident in one of our supported accommodation properties, we can assist you in developing a support plan that identifies your individual needs and aspirations. Our support levels range from standard support (1:3) to high needs (1:1).   You may choose to request assistance with medical and behavioural support, as well as day to day activities such as personal care, domestic duties or help with visiting the local shops and other community services.

Our staff can provide support 24 hours a day, seven days week and are qualified to help clients with high support needs. They have First Aid qualifications and are experience in responding to medical emergencies.

Our housing offers sustainable, affordable options that are maintained to a high standard, ensuring the continued support of our current and any future tenants. Tenants have access to our dedicated In-House Tenancy Manager that is available to assist with all your housing solutions, including:

  • Quality Housing Compliance
  • Tenancy Management
  • Responsive Repairs and Maintenance
  • Tenant Responsibilities and Rights Handbook
  • Tenant House Meetings
  • Support Services

We look forward to providing you with a great housing experience, that offers you a life of care, choice and independence. To provide feedback on your housing experience with ACCnet21 follow this link to have your say.